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In The Beginning:

I grew up around media and entertainment my whole life.   My father, Frank "Knight" Leber was a Radio Anchor on KCBS.  I would watch him splice reel to reel tape editing his weekly “News In Review” radio program.    To me this was impressive.

 My mother  had an eclectic collection of vinyl LP’s that I would dig through and enjoy.  She always impressed upon me to pursue music in my teenage years, so a few good friends and I decided to record a song and submit it to KPOO, the number 1 underground Bay Area Hip hop show.  We were featured as “The group to look out for” and were asked to produce a few more tunes to be put under consideration for “Volt Records”.   Due to lack of funds, and no commitment by most of the members, the group split. 

My mom passed away in 1990, so I moved on my own at the age of 17.  I received a small amount of money due to my mom’s passing, and purchased a Roland W-30. This workstation was my first step into music making.  Hip Hop was my genre at that time and I work with some fantastic artists making beats.  I soon purchased a 8 track reel to reel , a Tascam 16 channel Mixing board and some outboard synths.  This may not seem like much, but being 19 with this kind of equipment, was a big deal. 

Next came the turntables, and the parties.  I was pulled to work collage parties at Stanford, Cal State Hayward and Cal Berkeley.   I loved playing to a crowed and decided that DJing is what I wanted to do.  A good friend of mine told me about an opening at Bobby Mcgee’s. I interviewed and got my first full time DJ gig at the tender age of 21.  Not a residency, this was a 40 hour a week dream job.

I started working in the San Ramon Bobby Mcgee's and was eventually pulled to work at the “Sacramento” location (Citrus Heights).  This was a better match for me considering I loved working the microphone.  Simply the coolest job ever!   I then moved on to my other amazing job, “San Jose Live!”.  The capacity of SJLive was over 2000 people.  Four venues in one, and the largest sports bar in the bay area.  I promoted Friday happy hour bringing in a good 1500 people on some days.  I also played in the Main floor on Friday and DJed @ my favorite Venue, Flashbaxx on Thursdays and Saturdays where I subsequently met my wife.

In the late 90’s I was exposed to house music.  My wife and I would frequent a club called "Mercury" because we were friends with the owner.  I got to meet many of the most revered Djs in the industry, and soon after, I was hit with the house music Production bug.  I released my first Vinyl solo LP Under the name “Lance Mathew” in 1999 on Netamp Records.  

I started “Extreme Entertainment” in 2001 a mobile DJ company in San Jose, Djing special events incorporating audio production as a portion of the business.  I produced short mixes for Body builders, Cheer leading squads, and video productions.  In 2004 I wanted to release more music.  I approached my good friend Dan Watts and we decided to pursue a new record label called “Bounce House Recordings” Our first vinyl release “The Choice” came out in Spring 2005 using the moniker “Short Bus Kids”.  The lead track was produced by me, and Dan created the remix.  Soon after EP #2 was released, in vinyl form and 2 months later Digitally. This 4 tracker that got more attention than the first.   Bounce House Recordings took off from there.  We remixed, produced, mixed down and mastered all of our own tracks.  About the 25th release I left the label to Dan.  

Recently, running my own label, Roundi Music, I have been working with some of the best deep house music producers in the industry! Fortunately I have had the opportunity to do what I love for many years and plan on learning and growing to be better than I was yesterday.  If you have any questions or comments, please go to the "Contact Me" page and i will be happy to discuss anything you might have on your mind.

Thank for reading!

Lance Leber

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