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Lance Leber, Inland Knights - Boiling Point EP
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I was blessed to be picked up by my all time favorite labels in house music, Drop Music. I was contacted by Laurence Richie after he had received my debut EP and he wanted it on Drop!   i am fortunate to be on one of the best deep house labels EVER!

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You want the good or the bad news? The good news is that, due to impracticalities of working together while living on different continents, Short Bus Kids have decided to call it a day, or at least put things on hold for a while.

The good news is that both the two producers involved are now working solo, which could in theory mean twice as much deep house goodness heading our way! So this is the first solo offering from former SBK Lance Leber, who’s now returned to the studio after taking some time out to be a new dad, and consists of four tracks, confusingly titled Roundi 4, Roundi 9, Roundi 11 and Roundi 12. Go figure.

Roundi 4 (AKA Spanish Chant) is proggy and dreamy, Roundi 9 (AKA Own Thing) is typically bumpin’ and hip-house flavoured à la vintage SBKs, Roundi 11 (AKA Mike N’ Ally’s House) is a little techier but still pretty darn funky, and then finally Roundi 12 (AKA Chemistry) draws heavily on jazz, funk and soul influences, sounding a little like Prince circa Sexy Motherfucker but at a house tempo.

A varied EP, then, that shows this west coast stalwart hasn’t lost his touch. Welcome back.

**UPDATE 8/8: Had an email from Lance this morning: Roundi 11 (Mike N’ Ally’s House) and Roundi 12 (Chemistry) are now being released by Drop Music instead, complete with an Inland Knights remix of Chemistry… so the finished Roundi EP01 now just consists of the other two. Sorry for the confusion!
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The latest here from Bounce House Recordings, who seldom let us down. And they certainly don’t today.

I will say this EP’s something of a surprise, though, cos it’s as goodtime, Saturday night, dare I say “accessible” a release as I’ve ever heard from the label. In fact, it reminds me more than anything of Loverush’s Same Ol’ Thing on Credence from back in 2000, or maybe even Basstoy Runnin’… in other words ain’t nothing but a big struttin’ bassline, no-nonsense kicks/claps and cut-up shouts. Oh, and some trumpet stabs. But I’ve never feared le fromage as you know, so that’s fine!

Remix-wise, DJ Sulli & 5657 introduce tuffer kicks and almost electrohouse-y synth shenanigans while former (I think?) label co-owner Lance Leber adds carnival/Latin percussion for the Ibiza terraces, while bonus cut Ninja Work is a deeper, darker tribal workout. But it’s the Original that will be father to the most big silly grins.

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